Kit shows an amazing ability to explore one's creativity both by listening and encouraging while at the same time keeping the sessions very goal oriented. We worked very specifically and I find that very helpful and you feel immediate results. Kit process and work are really organised and she provides you with a review you can read back on to and reflect on the work you are doing. Kit has an amazing creative intuition that guides you in finding your own creative force and intelligence. Anyone that has a creative or work-related problem, Kit would untangle that issue with you.

Michael, 42, Brisbane, Australia

I had already attended eight counselling sessions (with a different practitioner), which were quite helpful, but I felt that we never really moved beyond talking about what had happened. I had 5 sessions with Kit, during which we worked with a variety of media and processes, and as a result, I feel that I went through an emotional transformation. Through the work that we did, I feel that something changed fundamentally inside me, without really having to focus on what the apparent problem was. I found Kit to be an incredibly sensitive, intuitive, creative, confident and funny therapist, who really knows her stuff. It's probably also worth saying that all of this happened while she was in Australia, and I was in the UK - all sessions took place over Skype - which worked really well (all without leaving the comfort of my own home).

Jemima, 48, Brighton, UK

Kit helped me to regain my lost perspective and, eventually, my resilience. Thanks to her, I was able to see my situation for what it was and slowly but surely emerge back into the light. My obsessional preoccupation with work problems was slowly replaced by a much healthier, more rounded perspective. By encouraging me to paint (something I hadn't done since school), to write poems, to try simple mindfulness exercises and - in particular - to pay attention to the natural world around me and take comfort from it, she gently and skilfully brought me back from what felt like the brink of something awful to a more familiar, comforting place where I was able to gently heal.

Edward, 33, London, UK

I chose to work with Kit and use art therapy to explore an idea I had and the results were profound. Drawing rather than writing or analysing brings insights from the unconscious. Over six weeks working with Kit, new opportunities and creative solutions started to show up easily. I highly reccomend this for individuals, corporate teams and organisations.

Cathy, 51, Melbourne, Australia

I sought Kit's Arts Psychotherapy sessions as a way of finding healing, guidance and self-discovery. Kit's straightforward approach and honest and supportive guidance gave me the space I needed to find the answers I needed. I felt clear after the sessions and I have also learned creative tools for my own use. I highly recommend Kit as an arts psychotherapy facilitator.

Ann-Marie, 29, Adelaide Australia

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