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Soul Fuelled has been an amazing journey helping me to rediscover art as a means of expression, processing my inner world and generally enjoying the creation process more. Kit is a great facilitator and I found the pace of the program just nice, even though i wished it would be longer. There's with a beautiful balance of intention setting, creation time, sharing, mutual feedback and the whole journey is definitely magical. Wholly recommended.

I highly recommend Kit's Soul Fuelled course. As someone who has never really felt confident with expressing myself through art, Kit's course provided a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment in which to start to explore what soul is (and what fuels it) through journaling, drawing, etc., taking us through 3 distinct stages. The small group worked well, and it was surprising how well the sessions worked via Zoom. Kit's sense of humour, and easeful facilitation style made the experience fun and stress free. If you'd like to start exploring what fuels your soul, or to dig deeper, this creative course is a great step. Thank you, Kit!

I’m so glad I did this very enriching course. Kit is what I would call a creative coach, as she uses fun, creative techniques to help participants view life from a different perspective – and make the changes needed. We had six morning sessions once a week with a small group of people from around the world. Kit is an expert facilitator who is able to draw out the best from individuals as well as from the group itself… the whole thing just flowed.  I highly recommend Soul Fuelled. 

What is Soul Fuelled, exactly? This is one of the questions I’ve wrestled with since I signed up for the programme a couple of months ago. Is it a self-development programme? A support group? A creative project? Group counselling? Art therapy? It feels to me like all of these things and more.

But pigeon holes are for pigeons. Whatever Soul Fuelled is, it’s turned out to be one of those serendipitous interventions that just appear in life at precisely the right moment to provide what you don’t even necessarily realise you needed.

The best way I can think of to describe the process is that it provides an opportunity to put everything on hold for a bit to look within and examine what you find there, to ask what you think of it and mull over whether there’s anything missing. And then to use art, discussion and ritual to explore a little deeper.

Initially, I struggled with the unspecific nature of the programme - but now I think that looseness is one of Soul Fuelled greatest strengths. There’s nothing wrong with going into something knowing exactly what to expect and with a clear idea of what you want to get from it. But there’s also value in trusting an unfamiliar process without that clarity of desired outcomes and just seeing what comes up.

In my case, what came up was a need for calm and reassurance during what was a rather demanding period. I thought I was navigating it all splendidly and needed nothing to help me. But it turns out that wasn’t quite the case. I’m sure I would have survived without Soul Fuelled, but with it I positively thrived, drawing strength from the programme and everyone else on it, and finding unexpected reserves within myself. What could have been a draining and difficult time became a time of growth and renewed self-belief, of connection with others, and of creative inspiration.

Kit ran the programme with compassion, calm authority and good humour. And our sessions were fun, stimulating and therapeutic. I won’t spoil the experience for anyone else by over-describing it, suffice it to say I’m so pleased I signed up and I would thoroughly recommend that you do the same.

It is true, I believe, that we humans are all creative. Some of us, however, have allowed our creativity to be unleashed, nurtured and tended to such a degree that we become the fertile soil in which others can discover and pay attention to theirs. Kit Somers is one of those people. Having just completed her Soul Fuelled Group Programme, I find myself in a new and renewed relationship to my life, seeing it through a lens of possibility, optimism and joy. Her guidance and facilitation are the exact right combination of encouragement, compassion and humour; the results feel long-lasting and profound. 

Looking back over the period before I did Kit's Soul-fuelled workshop, I wish I could share a picture I drew of of myself (as a cat, naturally) entitled "Overthinking" and another entitled "Coffee". Now I am a curious cat that knows where it is going, has lots more oil pastels, keeps bumping into labyrinths, loves its friends and knows what it values. Kit's Soul Fuelled Group Programme was a fun, hilarious, profound, exhilarating, soulful experience. And she navigates you through the depths like a siren, always encouraging you to go that little bit deeper but taking care of you every stroke of the way. I thoroughly recommend it.

Just completed the 'Soulfuelled' programme with Kit. It was nurturing, nourishing and galvanising. While being deeply informative Kit has a sense of humour which puts you at your ease. Highly recommend this structured yet intuitive check in with that layer going on underneath that we often ignore and don't give voice to. What are we waiting for...the planet need our souls to emerge and guide us. Love, Love, Love.

The SOUL FUELLED GROUP Programme has been a balm for my soul at a time when I really needed it. There was turbulence, there was loss and uncertainty in my life when I started; my soul felt exhausted and unable to gather more energy or drive. It needed fuel. The sessions have allowed a gentle exploration and a surprisingly swift discovery of what troubled my soul.

Groups are always wonderful as, just like lights in a room full of mirrors, they allow the bouncing of it and can reveal much more than one anticipates. The diversity of the group was fabulous and reminding me of how much we are different and yet alike in our human challenges.

Between talking, drawing, collaging, and somatic exercises my soul, no longer tense and contracted, softened enough and opened itself up to receiving the fuel it needs. It was beautifully organic, and Kit led us lovingly around the labyrinth of our soul journey. It seemed so easy under her guidance, yet we came out different people from the ones who went in. 

Kit brings energy and enthusiasm into Soul Fuelled, aiming to promote creativity and self inquiry in a gentle way. ‘Soul fuelled’ creates opportunities for connection to self, as well as to others through a variety of expressive art mediums. A short course that can ignite the soul and inspire self-exploration. Highly recommend it!

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One to One 

Client Work 

I have been 'talking' with Kit for a while now and I wonder each time at her ability to deeply listen to me and to hear beyond what I say, to decipher what I need to hear back in order for me to understand myself and to move forward. She does it with honesty and compassion, being straight and loving at the same time. It is all one could ever ask for. To be seen and heard and then be guided to do the work we have to do, that nobody else can do for us. 

I came to Kit with a life-changing decision to make. Following brief counselling, I created an illustrated storybook with a lead character, and supporting characters, which did the work in the magical world. Through my story, I readied my psyche to make the decision I needed to make, then to communicate safely to loved ones and set myself up for the next chosen phase of my life. My own creativity supported me to do this safely and at my own pace - sometimes not even a pace I was aware of. It all kind of unfolded as we went. Also, as we progressed, I found out I am creative, and I honestly didn't believe this before.  

When I came to Kit my emotional state and confidence were at an all time low. Kit helped me to use art and creativity to uncover the different sides of my psyche. We discovered the traumas at the root of my problems and Kit taught me how to heal them through creativity and play. Working with Kit, I have developed specific tools that allow me to feel and process my hard emotions in healthy ways. I now have the ability and confidence to use art, movement and my creativity to overcome big and small strssors. I have discovered my true self and I love her. 

As a child, I was always creating. My ideas were limitless. My creativity is truly my superpower. Unfortunately, as I developed into adulthood I forgot how to harness my creativity and curiosity in a positive way and made some bad choices. Due to this, I began to fear my superpower. Kit’s incredible guidance has helped me unlock my creativity again and channel it into healing myself and those I have hurt. Creativity is now fearlessly incorporated into my daily practice. Kit has helped me navigate the truly hard stuff and deep dive into soul work bravely. I cannot recommend her enough if you truly want to talk to your subconscious. 

Kit shows an amazing ability to explore one's creativity both by listening and encouraging while at the same time keeping the sessions very goal oriented. We worked very specifically and I find that very helpful and you feel immediate results. Kit process and work are really organised and she provides you with a review you can read back on to and reflect on the work you are doing. Kit has an amazing creative intuition that guides you in finding your own creative force and intelligence. Anyone that has a creative or work-related problem, Kit would untangle that issue with you. 

I came to  Kit with a motherload of anxiety and overwhelm as my personal life and professional life collided.  Using art therapy helped me to draw out some of the stories that were on high repeat, and reconnected me with a deep calm so I could get back to the person I want to be.

I had already attended eight counselling sessions (with a different practitioner), which were quite helpful, but I felt that we never really moved beyond talking about what had happened. I had 5 sessions with Kit, during which we worked with a variety of media and processes, and as a result, I feel that I went through an emotional transformation. Through the work that we did, I feel that something changed fundamentally inside me, without really having to focus on what the apparent problem was. I found Kit to be an incredibly sensitive, intuitive, creative, confident and funny therapist, who really knows her stuff. It's probably also worth saying that all of this happened while she was in Australia, and I was in the UK - all sessions took place over ZOOM, which worked really well (all without leaving the comfort of my own home). 

Kit helped me to regain my lost perspective and, eventually, my resilience. Thanks to her, I was able to see my situation for what it was and slowly but surely emerge back into the light. My obsessional preoccupation with work problems was slowly replaced by a much healthier, more rounded perspective. By encouraging me to paint (something I hadn't done since school), to write poems, to try simple mindfulness exercises and - in particular - to pay attention to the natural world around me and take comfort from it, she gently and skilfully brought me back from what felt like the brink of something awful to a more familiar, comforting place where I was able to gently heal. 

I chose to work with Kit and use art therapy to explore an idea I had and the results were profound. Drawing rather than writing or analysing brings insights from the unconscious. Over six weeks working with Kit, new opportunities and creative solutions started to show up easily. I highly reccomend this for individuals, corporate teams and organisations. 

I sought Kit's Arts Psychotherapy sessions as a way of finding healing, guidance and self-discovery. Kit's straightforward approach and honest and supportive guidance gave me the space I needed to find the answers I needed. I felt clear after the sessions and I have also learned creative tools for my own use. I highly recommend Kit as an arts psychotherapy facilitator. 

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