Get your Creativity Kit together

Oil Pastilles

Oil Pastilles are oil based crayons. They transfer bright colour easily and softly to the page, making for an easeful sensorial experience.

Here is one example of where to buy them online.

Coloured pencils

Kit recommends good quality coloured pencils. They will last for years!

Kit's favourite brand is a classic UK brand, Derwent.

Here is one example of where to buy them online.

Felt-tip pens

Felt-tip pens are a very affordable investment, which you can buy anywhere. You can buy very high grade artist pens, some being water proof. However, basic ones are a good introduction.

Here is one example of where to buy them online.

Creativity Kit

Face to face, Kit provides all materials.

When working online, clients need to get a 'creativity kit' together.

Kit recommends clients get a box for their materials. The cardboard ones from cheap shops are good for this, or make your own choice. Set up your creative experience in a way that honours this work and your soul. Giuve it a place and give your work a set place too. Kit recommends a clear deskspace rather than bed.

These days you can buy affordable, quality materials online, at the post office, your local office supply stores as well as art and craft shops. And raid your stationery cupboard in the name of PD!

Quality makes your creativity a priority. Materials will last a long time. Beautiful pencils, a journal and paint brushes frame your view.

What to get

  • a journal for writing in and one for drawing in; or writing and drawing can be in the same journal - your preference; a biro to write with. Choose the size that works for you. Kit suggests getting an A4 and an A3.

  • oil pastilles vary in quality but the basic ones are enoough for this work. Their oil base makes the colour application easeful and rich.

  • coloured pencils also vary in quality and Kit suggests you invest in good ones. They're lush. You can also get water colour based pencils, which are a lovely investment - maybe next round.

  • felt-tip pens have become a huge market and some very high grade ones can be bought. But here, like oil pastilles, you can start with basic ones.

  • a set of graphite pencils (HB up the B's in softeness) are a nice thing to treat yourself with.

Take your soul shopping!

It has been suggested to Kit to leave a whole bunch of online links for where to buy materials. This is complicated. For example, Amazon changes depending on where you are. Kit suggests:

  • You raid the stationary cubboard with the blessing of HR. Highlighters, pecnils and biros can yeild surprising results.

  • You treat yourself and go on an artist's date to an art shop or even a stationers. This is a sensorial treat for your soul and allows you to view products you may wish to buy in the future too.

  • Visit the links above to check out Kit's initial suggestions for basics and go from here.

Art materials are a soul-filled investment and many elements with stay with your for years, surviving manay a clutter clear. So, if you can invest a Saturday morning, Kit suggests you will LOVE IT!

Next Steps

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