Deep Dive Programme

Who is this programme for?

Kit works with dynamic, creative people who often work in high pressure environments and have a heavy load on their consciousness. 

Kit's creative therapies can unlock what is unconscious and give her clients a way to express themselves that helps them to be creative, calm and collected in their daily lives. 

Soul Work

As a child, I was always creating. My ideas were limitless. My creativity is truly my superpower. Unfortunately, as I developed into adulthood I forgot how to harness my creativity and curiosity in a positive way and made some bad choices. Due to this, I began to fear my superpower. Kit’s incredible guidance has helped me unlock my creativity again and channel it into healing myself and those I have hurt. 

Creativity is now fearlessly incorporated into my daily practice. Kit has helped me navigate the truly hard stuff and deep dive into soul work bravely. I cannot recommend her enough if you truly want to talk to your subconscious. 

Deep Calm

I came to  Kit with a motherload of anxiety and overwhelm as my personal life and professional life collided.  Using art therapy helped me to draw out some of the stories that were on high repeat, and reconnected me with a deep calm so I could get back to the person I want to be.

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Uncertainty leads to anxiety

Are you struggling with uncertainty in our increasingly uncertain world? Are you feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis? Is a constant feeling of anxiety impacting your decision making, you're struggling to focus and get your work done?

You are not alone - many people working as entrepreneurs and in organisations are feeling chronically stressed, anxious and are even becoming depressed in today's world. Whilst these are natural responses of a worn out nervous system, knowing you're not alone doesn't make coping day to day any easier for you. 

Diamonds are made

through long term pressure

Many of Kit's clients identify as neuro-diverse. These people are bringing much needed diversity into a world where we are destroying it. 

Do you:

Maybe you are ready to find and honour your own unique magic.

Privileging the Unconsious

Many of Kit's clients have tried other more traditional talking therapies or coaching but they haven’t gotten to the root of the matter where long-term change is catalysed.

Kit's approach works with your deep subconscious, and unconscious, bypassing the intellect and helping you use your unique creative gifts to evolve. 

The Deep Dive Programme

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