Kit's Journey


Kit doodled, painted, sewed and drew her way through childhood and school.

Kit completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Adelaide, majoring in Psychology. She was awarded first  prize in her final year. 

Kit's first job was working for technology company, IBM, where she worked for six years, in Adelaide then in Melbourne, Australia. 


Kit left IBM and travelled through Europe and Africa for a year before settling in London, where she lived for nine years. 


Kit's became a designer of telephone competitions for the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail in London. 

Bemused, six months later, she moved to a technology PR consultancy for six years. Kit created its first HR department, a job that took her all over the world. It was an extraordinary experience that exhausted her spirit. 

Kit joined a small management consultancy in central London., supporting companies to live their values. Kit gained experience in change management and self-preservation. Her biggest takeaway remains: The Say Do Gap.


Inspired to return to her creative nature, Kit created, spellwear and marythehairyfairy

Following fifteen years in England, Kit returned to her homeland, Australia. She moved to Byron Bay, Australia, for nine years, where spellwear morphed into a business based on Kit's alchemical art, which is based on geometry and nature. 

Kit returned to Adelaide. She trained as a therapist who uses creativity - her core passion - as ther basis of her practice. 

Kit completed a Psychology Degree in addition to qualification as an Arts Psychotherapist. She is rounding out her education out with a Masters in Counselling, which she completes in 2022. 

Kit is 50% therapist and 50% creator. See Instagram @soulkit2022 for Kit's creations. 


Kit aims to support clients to live true to their soul whilst meeting life's day to day demands. Her elixir is she lives true to her soul. This informs evidence-based practice. 

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