Kit's Story

Kit grew up with creativity as her passion. After gaining an arts degree majoring in psychology, Kit worked for 20 years in people-related roles - HR, PR, sales, marketing, consultancy - in Australia and the UK. Her passion for helping companies and individuals to live their values remains with her today. 

Driven by a desire to put values into practice, Kit created Spellwear, a line of comfortable hemp clothing for women and men. She added a line of accessories and greeting cards, 100% hemp or recycled paper. Pictures above: the best selling Magician's Housecoat.

Spellwear evolved into selling paintings and other products. Kit also created the children's book, Mary the Hairy Fairy and the Magic of Now, which supports children to believe in their true self. Kit also kept her hand in with corporate people-related consulting.

Kit qualified as an Arts Psychotherapist and now lives her passion of  cultivating creativity. Kit offers services online to clients worldwide. She is in studio in Adelaide, South Australia. 

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Collage seeking my highest deepest aspiration.