NDIS Clients

Even a line can say how you feel

NDIS client services are provided through home visit, online or face to face at the YMCA in Holdfast Bay.

Clients usually undertake fortnightly sessions for one hour. 

Why do art therapy & counselling? 

NDIS clients undertake art therapy and counselling for unique reasons. Each client has different interests and capabilities. Kit's approach is combination of talk therapy - counselling - and art therapy - working with the psychic and emotional material that arises through a variety of creative processes. These processes are designed for this client in particular. 

Work begins getting to know you. Together we discover the best way for you to express yourself creatively. For example, some clients have limited use of their hands. If this is the case, Kit may do the cutting and pasting, or the typing, but the client experiences texture, sound, sight; sometimes even smell is included. A story is built. 

Examples of current client work

The process

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