A picture is worth a thousand words ...and this is just the start

I partner with you via creative means to heal and grow whilst taking care of life.

We are each creative in a unique way. Read more here.

Arts psychotherapy is ideal for people who have tried talking about their problems but have not achieved lasting change.

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It is easy to book a complimentary chat or your session with me using my online booking page.

My services are available in studio, Adelaide, South Australia, and online anywhere. I provide one to one and group offerings.

I work with NDIS self and planned managed clients across all clinical presentations.

Kit Somers - Creative Counsellor and Arts Psychotherapist

Kit Somers

Creative Counsellor and Arts Psychotherapist

Grad.Dip. Arts.Psychotherapy, B.A. Psych, B.Psych.Sc.Professional Body: ANZACATA

Here's an example...

[NB: All art on my website except for two images is mine. Generally, clients wish to keep their art private. The no. 1 rule of arts psychotherapy: your creations are YOURS. I do every process I ask of clients, separately to therapy. I use anonymous client case studies - all details changed - along with my images to communicate this work.]

A client is feeling emotionally overwhelmed by an important relationship in her life. She worked with clay, beating, pounding, releasing the anger from her body. As we progressed, the clay shaped itself into a cube through pounding onto the table. Intuitively, the client created symbols of the six most important aspects of her life. 'Relationships' are one sixth. Within this healthy macro context cognitively made conscious, we now go deeper........

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