Soul Fuelled Group Programme

Soul Journalling

Soul Fuelled is a six week, online soul journalling programme limited to six participants. Each session goes for 90 minutes. 

I gather souls globally. Sessions, so far, have run in the Northern Hemisphere at around 8am, accompanied by Southern Hemisphere souls tuning in at 4pm, for six consequutive Fridays. I am happy to hear about other times and see if we can make it work though. 

The aim of SOUL FUELLED is to dialogue with your soul, to discover the next level of your growth. Employing arts psychoterapy techniques, the programme helps participants safely uncover  blocks you didn't know were there. Just enough growth to get soul fuelled life moving.....

A variety of creative techniques are employed alongside psychotherapeutic theory. Materials are kept to a minimum, to make it easy for you. 

Email me to register for the next programme, and to get any unanswered questions answered. 

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What is soul? 

[SOUL FUELLED] people are people who are fuelling that which is primary, good and life-giving in themselves. [Dacher Keltner, Awe, 2023]. 

For me, soul is the precious part of us that we arrived with. Soul is mystical, eternal; the keeper of our divine treasure. 

Soul has nothing to do with the name, race, religion and social standing slapped on us before we even lost our umbilical cord. 

Soul embues our innate talents and our long held dreams. Soul expresses our unique self in our world. Soul is ubiquitous, dancing like light on the water. 

Soul can be found in each and every day. In a breath, a doodle, a small inspiration,a favourite song suddenly present again. Soul can be woven into our daily lives lightly and with grace. 

So many of us live stressed these days. But this gorgeous Goldilocks planet (a planet perfect for diverse lfe forms)  is not made for a life of stress then exit stage left! No. We are here to shine our unique soul talents and dreams, day to day. We are here to leave more soulful than before. 

Cultivating soul fuel this is what the SOUL FUELLED Group Programmeis all about. 

It's a grerat experience to consider doing with your soul friends. SOUL FUELLED includes a Whatsapp group, where the sharing continues beyond......

Here are some examples of the truly life changing treasure that arose from the last group......

African blooms burn

Here is a beautiful haiku a participant shared. This flower, painted by them, needs to burn every seven years to thrive. 

This metaphor runds deep in the participant's life, unfolding to new depths. 

Labyrinth Remedy

This participant drew their poem as a labyrinth, which can also be used as a remedy with a glass of water on top. 

The labyrinth symbol is evocative of their life journey, ever winding deeper. 

'Do not believe it is too late. This is your time.'

Gulls dance in the storm.

Wing tips kissing the churning waves.

Together, we soar. 

Gulls dance .A Haiku expressing innate freedom within life's storm. 

Belonging not Belonging

A collage of textures expressing a participant's struggle with belonging. 

They could not breathe through the plasstics and the foil, the back story, did not get softer, ever. 

Future creations took forward what they wanted to keep and let the rest go . 

These are just a few snippets from the programme. These metaphors continue to uncover deeper patterns ready for change within the participants. 

Read Testimonials here. 

If you would like to be in a Soul Fuelled Programme, email me for details. 

The next programme starts FRIDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2023, 3.00 - 4.30 PM AEST. 

The programme costs AUS $330. An early bird offer is available until the end of September 2023 for $220. 

Concessions are available on request - just email me.