Case Studies

Building resilience following a family suicide

A client completed five sessions of Arts Psychotherapy following their brother's suicide. The client's goal was to feel more resilient. The process that unfolded for them, in online sessions, was as follows:

The client found therapy a success in meeting their goal of feeling more resillient and, importantly, being able to take this progress into their daily life. The client described their therapy as 'being touched by a little bit of magic'. This magic arises from clients experiencing a new dialog with themselves, including previously unconscious information, through active imagination, thinking viisually and thus engaging the whole brain (logical, symbolic, physical). 

Making a positive contribution at work in a way I find stimulating

The client decided to complete a course of five arts psychotheapy sessions when they found themselves getting so stressed out each day in their new job they could not think straight. Talking about it - or thinking about it - was not helping. Their anxiety would become panic attacks without warning. 

More than a year later, walking mindfully in nature has become the key thing the client does to undertake the self-care they need in conjunction with stressful work. They have also gained enough confidence to change jobs and is now much happier. The outcome was fairly straightforward and one could argue the client could have started with this practical life habit. But they had to go through the deep feelings of overwhelm, and perceived failure, to come through to a space where they would not only listen to their body's innate wisdom but act on it - consistently. 

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