A picture is worth a thousand words ...

Kit Somers provides counselling and psychotherapy through creative means.

Creativity helps us access our unconscious where most of what drives us resides.

Kit's works with clients to dialog with what their soul needs. When we live soulfully we live true.

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Kit's services are available in studio and online.

Kit works with individuals and groups, privately and with organisations.

Kit works with NDIS self and planned managed clients.

Are you ready to discover your truest self?

Kit Somers - Creative Counsellor and Arts Psychotherapist

Kit Somers

Creative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Grad.Dip. Arts.Psychotherapy, B.A. Psych, B.Psych.Sc.Professional Body: ANZACATA

Here is an example....

A client felt emotionally overwhelmed by an important relationship in her life. Following various other creative processes, the client worked with clay: beating, pounding, releasing the anger from her body. As she progressed, the clay shaped itself into a cube through pounding onto the table. Intuitively, the client created symbols of the six most important aspects of her life. 'Relationships' are one sixth. Within this healthy macro context cognitively made conscious, she was now ready to go even deeper........

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