Counselling & Art Therapy 

for women traversing change

You're a young woman seeking her truest self despite societal pressures. 

You're an older woman whose past identity is falling away. A new identity is yearned for. 

You live with what has become chronic anxiety and stress because you are not living as your truest self. 

I support clients of all ages to let go of what has been and shape a new identity, to fuel the next statge of life. 

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Kit Somers

Masters in Counselling Practice

Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy employs myriad forms of creativity to express the unconscious

Here is an example. When people find what they need to express too difficult, too rehearsed, with nothing changing, I often invite them to create a Feelings Creature, which has been created through recycled materials gathered over a couple of weeks. 

Materials that were going in the recycling bin were gathered intuitively, collected in a box, without much thought other than, 'This triggers something in me.'

The feeling creature is a collection of materials in a gift box from candles gifted at Christmas. The creature has been processed by exploring:

It is extraordinary how this simple process can project deep feelings of being weighed down, of having one's power switched off, to be worked with safely in therapy. Play is used as the client and the therapist process what the feeling creature has to say, and discover and honour the wisdom it has to offer. 

Oil Pastels express the inexpressible

I was feeling blocked. I wanted to process this feeling, listening to my body. 

Oil pastels are a great way  to just put it on the page, get it out, fast, furious, without conscious thought. We can allow our body, our wonderful body, to express what we feel and what our unconscious wishes to share. 

We can then process the image. You can go through this carousel of five images to see it from dfferent angles. 

Our unconscious - 95% of us, apparently! - picks up new stores, new ideas and connections through viewing this same image in different ways.

This is a good example of how art therapy with clients often begins. When you work online with me, I will ask you to get yourself some oil pastels! They are the basic materal, along with an art journal. 

Here is a snapshot of me....

I have enjoyed a varied career. I spent 20 years in corporate sales, PR, marketing, HR, management consulting. I then jumped shipped, full of hope for the new and feeling quite despondent about the old.  I redscovered my creativity. 

I created a Hemp clothing business called spellwear. Every item - homewear, greeting cards, affirmation cards and accessories - was made from Hemp and each had an affirmation inside. 

Many ups and downs. I wish, now, instagram existed! I was ahead of my time and I had more of myself to discover. I created an ilustrated children's book - Mary the Hairy Fairy and the Magic of Now. I love Mary and still sell her online. 

I returned to Adelaide, following living in the UK and Byron Bay for 25 years, where I  provided live-in care for both parents, until their death, for eight years. In this time, I retrained. I completed a Masters in Counselling, a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences and a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy. 

I now practice as a creator and also as a therapist. I am passsionate about the power of creativity to help us all explore our depths, heal our wounds and create a new path to the future of who we truly are. 

Whether you choose to work with me or not: Believe in yourself. Believe in your depths, your inklings, your movement toward the light. 

If you want more on me go to About Kit and Kit's Story 

Kit Somers

Counsellor & Arts Psychotherapist

Masters Counselling Practice 

Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Diploma of Arts Psychotherapy

PACFA Reg. Cert. Practicing.


I know in my soul a return to our natural ways is key to managing rising anxiety and stress - and depression - in our relentlessly diminshing natural world. 

I create ways to bring in the ways of the village back into my home. I call it being an Alchemical Homemaker. It is a great source of pleasure and sense for me. I choose to share it here, because I can bring this thinking, feeling and behaving into our work together. 

Let's enrich! It's all a part of living in harmony, not stress, depression and anxiety, as our resting state, day to day, beat to beat.