Creativity is magic

Creativity accesses our unconscious to create lasting change. 

Kit Somers offers a suite of creative therapies that have helped a diverse range of people live authentically in their personal and professional lives.

We are each creative in our own unique way. Our creativity helps us get behind our psyche's built up defences to create lasting change. 

Clients include consultants, leaders, entrepreneurs and  creatives; people living with challenges; people who feel the need to go deeper to heal and grow. 


Are you ready to live true to your soul?

Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Masters Counselling PracticeBachelor Psychological SciencesGraduate Diploma Arts PsychotherapyBachelor ArtsProfessional Body: ANZACATA.

Here's an example....

A client felt emotionally overwhelmed by an important relationship in her life. Following various other creative processes, the client worked with clay: beating, pounding, releasing the anger from her body. 

As she progressed, the clay shaped itself into a cube through pounding onto the table. Intuitively, the client created symbols of the six most important aspects of her life. 'Relationships' are one sixth. 

Within this healthy macro context cognitively made conscious, she was now ready to go even deeper........

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Here is a feeling creature

Are you experiencing feelings that feel too much for you?

Here is a feeling creature, which has been created through recycled materials gathered over a couple of weeks. 

Materials that were going in the recycling bin were gathered intuitively, collected in a box, without much thought other than, 'This triggers something in me.'

The feeling creature is a collection of materials in a gift box from candles gifted at Christmas. The creature has been processed by exploring:

It is extraordinary how this simple process can project deep feelings of being weighed down, of having one's power switched off, to be worked with safely in therapy. Play is used as the client and the therapist process what the feeling creature has to say, and discover and honour the wisdom it has to offer.