I'm not creative!

I'm not creative!

I have not picked up a crayon since school! I had a terrible experience with my teacher when I did! I am aready in pain and I don't want any more anxiety to handle so I can heal!!!

This is so common. Sadly, many of us have had a negative experience with 'being creative.' Many people do not identify as 'creative.' Being asked to 'be creative' is an anxiety creating request.

What do I have to do?

You'll be asked to begin with putting something onto a page with oil pastilles. It may be a dot, a line. Once you experience creative therapy, you'll realise 'the art' is not the point. It's the process. Whatever you create is what is perfect for you in that moment.

What else is involved?

Your therapeutic process will evolve from your goal and from you. You are asked to get together a Creativity Kit to begin. After that, I work with clients to either add to their materials or find things where therapy is being undertaken. It's very organic. Some processes just involve your body - inner sensations and images. Nothing asked for is beyond you - I am fully aware you are already vulnerable as you have come to therapy for help.