Getting Ready

Get your Creativity Kit together!

I provide materials when doing face to face therapy. However, it is good to have your own journal - it is amazing to be able to go back through your dates creative journey and feel your progress.

When working online, you need to get your 'creativity kit' together. This does not have to be expensive. These days you can buy very affordable materials online, at the post office, office supply stores in addition to specialist art and craft shops. I recommend getting quality materials if you can. Quality makes a big difference to your experience and it makes your creativity important. These materials will last you a long time. Going to an art shop is also good for the soul.

I recommend clients get a box for their materials. The cardboard ones from cheap shops are good for this. Overall, set up your creative experience in a way that honours this work and your soul.

To begin, you will need:

  • a journal for writing in and one for drawing in; or writing and drawing can be in the same journal - your preference; a biro to write with;

  • oil pastilles;

  • coloured pencils.


Oil Pastilles