One to One Therapy

Your creativity is as unique as you

I work with you as a client to access your own wisdom, confidence and self-worth.

I do this through employing many and varied creative techniques, with various emphases depending on your therapeutic goal.

Here is a sense of my services through testimonials and case studies.

But nothing beats giving it a go.

What is creative therapy for?

Here are some reasons clients have chosen this work in their own words:

  • searching for purpose

  • help with work problems

  • help with overwhelming stress

  • feeling guilty about everything!

  • feeling overwhelmed with life changes

  • dealing with grief

  • moving on from childhood trauma - finally!

  • to have some fun as I solve my problems

  • to get to know myself better, so I can direct my life better

  • to try something new.

Who is creative therapy good for?

  • anxiety, depression, stress - day to day and chronic

  • OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia and other clinical presentations

  • the challenges and talents of ASD

  • hoarding and eating disorders; manifested imbalance of any kind.

The deepest work I do with clients is informed by my training as an Arts Psychotherapist. If you have an aspect of your nature holding you back in living your best life, Arts Psychotherapy can possibly help.

Why? Because the creative tools and processes involved tap you into your own unique wisdom and nature. So, whatever is going on, your deeper self comes to the surface to help you. As one clients said, 'It is like being touched by a little bit of magic'.

Why? Because your unconscious comes to the surface when it feels safe enough to do so. Play and creativity tend to help this happen way beyond talking about it. Just talking can be repeating stuck ways of seeing something. Nothing changes in your life. With Arts Psychotherapy, your unconscious wisdom reveals itself to you at your own pace and in your own way. Your therapist is your witness and guides your process but the deeper work happens between you and real you.

How does therapy unfold?

I generally recommend clients come for a session. We explore the issue and shape a measurable goal for therapy. We agree how many sessions you wish to do. I often recommend new clients they undertake six sessions. For those with major or clinical issues to work on, I may recommend ten. You pay as you go, but at least we have a 'shape' to how we we achieve your goal.

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