Kit's Heroine's Journey

A rich journey to become an Arts Psychotherapist


Kit doodled, painted and drew her way through childhood and school.

Fresh from school, Kit completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Adelaide. She majored in Psychology and was awarded first prize in her final year.

Kit's first job was working for technology company, IBM. Kit worked for IBM, in sales and marketing, for six years, in Adelaide and then in Melbourne.


The call to adventure arrived. Kit left IBM and travelled through Europe and Africa for a year before settling in London, where she lived for nine years.


Kit's first job was one of the strangest experiences of her career: somehow, she became a designer of telephone competitions for the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail in London.

Somewhat bemused, six months later, Kit moved to a Technology PR consultancy where she worked on the Microsoft account. From here, Kit moved into HR for the same consultancy and created its first HR department. This job took her all over the world - USA, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa. It was an extraordinary experience of six years, which exhausted her spirit.

Kit was headhunted to join a small management consultancy in central London. She worked here for several years, long enough to realise big business was not her bag. The best part about this experience was that it involved supporting big companies to live their values. The worst part was big companies generally don't live their values.

Inspired to get back to her creative nature, Kit created her business, Spellwear, maker of hemp clothing and accessories. Kit was inspired by being a part of positive business and loved being a part of the hemp industry. After selling her products online and across England via music festivals, Kit felt the call back to her homeland, Australia. She moved to Byron Bay for nine years, where Spellwear morphed into a business based on her art. Her art focused on the theme of living with sovereignty - living true.


Kit returned to Adelaide where she commenced her journey to become an Arts Psychotherapist. She completed a degree in Psychological Sciences at Flinders University, building on her first degree all those years ago. She then completed a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy to become an Arts Psychotherapist. Kit is qualified to work with all kinds of people and their challenges, including trauma, clinical diagnoses and people who are just needing help to find their footing in the next stage of their life.


After a time working in an art therapy organisation, Kit has now created Creativity Kit, through which she offers Arts Psychotherapy services face to face in Adelaide and online across the world. Creativity Kit is based on Kit's own core values of integrity, creativity and joy. Creativity Kit aims to support people to live their best lives, which really means living true to oneself whilst meeting the challenges life throws to usm through activating and cultivating one's unique creativity.

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