Private Clients

Your creativity is unique,

like you.

If you wish to cultivate your own wisdom, confidence and joy in life, creative therapy may be a great investment.

Kit employs myriad creative techniques dependant on her client's therapeutic goal, process and unique style.

If you feel nervous of creativity - as many do - read more here.

Creative therapy is experiential. Check out client testimonials and case studies to read about outcomes.

Nothing beats giving it a go.

Reasons for therapy

Reasons clients have chosen creative therapy in their own words:

  • searching for purpose

  • identifying and living true to values

  • solving ongoing work problems

  • help managing overwhelming stress & anxiety

  • dealing with guilt and grief

  • feeling overwhelmed with life changes

  • moving on from childhood trauma - finally!

  • having fun as I solve my problems

  • get to know myself better, so I can direct my life

  • try something new in my personal development.

What is this therapy for?

Whilst creative therapy helps everyone, people with clinical diagnoses (or resonating with a clinical spectrum) can find it brings back joy.

Here are issues it helps with:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress - a natural response to today's world!

  • Symptoms of upset in natural equilibrium - OCD, PTSD, hoarding, binging, self-harming.

  • The challenges & gifts of ASD - being different in a world of sameness.

Unconscious material resurfaces when it feels safe to do so - in perfect timing and unfolding. Given 95% of our consciousness is unconscious, creativity is our natural superpower for change.

How does therapy unfold?

Kit recommends private clients come for a minimum of three sessions. The work goes deeper over each session. It is fine to try one session but know this is a taster, exploring the issue then shaping - or beiginning to shape - a measurable goal and clear outcome for therapy.

Ideally, Kit recommends new clients undertake six sessions, or more. For those with major or clinical issues to work on, she recommends ten sessions, or more. Many clients continue on; this is just a guide.

Next steps

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